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1. TELEX FOR INDIAN PEOPLE TOURIST (period of stay max 30 days / 1 day to make) - 2500 rubles


2. BUSSINES INVINTATION on a simplified agreement by (CCI of Russia):

a) 3 months (single / double entry) - 4000 rubles

b) 1 year - 6000 rubles (3-4 working days)


3. VISA for foreign citizens (Russian people is included) to India. CALL US, we will offer the best price in Moscow!



Fill our form and send it to us by e-mail, we will make an invoice with number  to You and after it You may pay it using your card!  


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Business and working visa



A Russian business visa is the best solution for foreign nationals visiting Russia on official or private business. This type of visa is suitable for those who do not know their exact itineraries, want to stay in Russia longer than 30 days, or who have to make frequent visits to Russia. In comparison with Russian tourist visa it gives more flexibility in traveling and staying in Russia.

Standard Russian business visa is issued for up to 90 days and with up to 2 entries per visa. There are also multiple-entry visas valid for 3, 6 or 12 months with unlimited entries and exits. There are three options to get Russian business visa support (to be invited in Russia for business purposes): to receive a Russian business visa letter of invitation, Russian business visa company letter or special Russian business visa confirmation telex instead.

All types of Russian business visa support can be obtained on the basis of special request from registered Russian company or travel agency to the state authorities asking to issue Russian Business visa letter of invitation or Russian business visa confirmation telex for you.

Russian business visa letter of invitation and Russian business visa company letter should be submitted to the Russian Embassy or Russian consulate with filled in visa application form when you apply for your business visa. Please note that Russian business visa letters can be sent to your address by mail Global Post-express companies at the additional fee.

If you choose Telex confirmation for Russian business visa it is necessary to know its number only. This type of Russian business visa invitation will be send by telex directly to the Russian Consulate's address at your choice and where you are going apply for your Russian business visa. Simply fill in this number in Russian visa application form.

There is a limitation on length of stay in Russia also called as 90-days rule. If you plan to obtain 6 and 12 months multiple entry Russian business visa letter of invitation, please be informed, that according to the Russian migration legislation you cannot stay in Russia for more than 90 days in every 180 days-period. You must leave the territory of the Russian Federation and then re-enter for the other 90 days. Please note that the 180-day Russian visa period regarding the 90-day restriction rule starts from the first day of your first arrival at the territory of the Russian Federation (Russian border crossing), not from the date of the Russian visa issuance.

Limited-entry Russian business visas of shorter duration shall not be subject to the 90-day rule. You also should know that every Russian business visa must registered when you arrive in Russia for more than 7 business days.

Russian visa registration is one of most important thing to do for foreign nationals visiting Russia. Due to the 90-day rule a Russian business visa  can be registered in general for 90 days only. All prices are attached.

We can help You to obtain a registration in Russia also!



Please check your prices. We can offer additional conditions for regular customers.

  UFMS INVINTAIONS for non-hazardous migration country

 Australia, Argentina, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria,    Great  Britain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Israel,  Italy, Spain,  Iceland, Qatar, Cyprus, Lithuania, Luxembourg,  Macedonia, Malta, Monaco,  Netherlands, new Zealand, Norway,  Oman, Poland, Portugal, Republic of  Korea, Romania, Singapore,  Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, France, Croatia,  Montenegro,  Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia, Japan

  Multiply for 3 or 6

 months and 1 year

      Double entry

   for 1 or 3 months

      Single entry

   for 1 or 3 months

           3200           2800            2600
  23 calendar days                     16 calendar days
           5500           4500            4300
  12-14 working days                     7-8 working days


  TELEX INVINTATIONS for non-hazardous migration country 

         TYPE OF VISA         DURATION   PRICE in rubles
    1 month single entry    6-7 working days           8000
    1 month double entry    6-7 working days           8500   
    3 month single entry    6-7 working days           8000  
    3 month double entry    6-7 working days           8500
  Multyply entry max 1 year  12-15 working days          10000


  UFMS INVINTAIONS for hazardous migration country 1st category

 Albania, Barbados, Belize, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia,  Venezuela,  Guyana, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic.,  Yemen, Indonesia,  Jordan, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Morocco,  Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay,  Peru, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles,  Suriname, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay,  Finland, Chile, Ecuador, South  Africa, Jamaica

    Multiply for 3 or 6

   months and 1 year

      Double entry

    for 1 or 3 months

       Single entry

   for 1 or 3 months

               5000               4300              4000


  UFMS INVINTAIONS for hazardous migration country 2nd category

 Andorra, Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Bhutan,  Gabon,  Haiti, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, Djibouti, Zambia,  Zimbabwe, Cambodia,  Cameroon, Kenya, Laos, Lesotho, Libya,  Mauritania, Mauritius, Madagascar,  Malaysia, Mali, Mongolia,  Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Palestine,  Rwanda, Swaziland,  Serbia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Tunisia,  Turkmenistan,  Uganda, the Philippines, Central African Republic, Chad,  Ethiopia

    Multiply for 3 or 6

   months and 1 year

      Double entry

   for 1 or 3 months

       Single entry

    for 1 or 3 months

               9000               7000              6800


  UFMS INVINTAIONS for hazardous migration country 3rd category

 Algeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Congo, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran,          Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Syria, Senegal, Turkey, Sri Lanka

    Multiply for 3 or 6

   months and 1 year

      Double entry

   for 1 or 3 months

      Single entry

    for 1 or 3 months

              10500               8500              8000


  UFMS INVINTAIONS for hazardous migration country 4th category

  Vietnam, China, Nigeria

Multiply for 3 or 6

months and 1 year

Double entry

for 1 or 3 months

Single entry

for 1 or 3 months

call us 10500              8500

Special offer for Chinese citizens.
We offer you to a business visa to Russia in the new conditions in the short term!

Single entry visa for 30 - 90 days; Turnaround time 3-5 working days.
Double entry visa for 30 - 90 days; Turnaround time 3-5 working days.

Price - 8000 rubles.

List of documents required for registration of the invitation:
1 Questionnaire
2 color passport copy

You are a foreign citizen and want to open a company in the Russian Federation?

We can help you. Our managers will advise, help to prepare the documents and register for your company.

Contact us at email - 3780001@gmail@com or call to the number - +7 499 218 3434.

Some additional information about Russia.


Working visa to Russia

Russian work visa is known to be a single type of document, which is allowing for foreign people to stay in Russia for 365 days in the country.


You will obtain a multiply visa, but you can stay all period of time in Russia without any conditions of stay in Russia.

If the foreign people are authorized to work in the new period, they may extend the period of validity of a work visa to Russia without leaving the country.

Our company can assist foreign people in obtaining work visas in Russia for the period as at 1 or 3 years.  

 Required documents:

- a copy of the passport with the translation (apostilled or notarized into Russia);

- a copy of the diploma (or other qualification) with translation (apostilled or notarized into Russian);

- photos of matt colored 3x4 without brackets (4 pcs.)

 - data on place of residence in the host country.  

The price includes:  

- invitation for a work visa on the form UFMS;  

- the plastic card work permit employment;  

- first registration in Moscow.


Please download our form , fill it out and send us by email.

We need a copy of passport for migrations countries. Please send it by e-mail also.


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