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Golden ring of Russia

Dear friends, on our web site, you will be able to choose the most interesting for You tours of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia!Russia-Yaroslavl-shutterstock_69639406

 We offer You to see the beauty of Russian cities by car, by bus, or on a cruise ship river.  We will do our best to show You all the beauties of cities of Golden Ring, to get positive emotions from the trip.

 Golden Ring of Russia is known as a 5 areas of  Russia (Ivanovo, Vladimir, Moscow, Kostroma,  and Yaroslavl) and about 12 cities. Tours of the  Golden Ring will allow You to see the unique sights and attractions of Russian history and culture. You will travel to the towns and villages of the Golden Ring, participate in the events, and admire the gorgeous views.

Golden Ring of Russia - popular tours and unforgettable experience!

Saviour Evfimiev and Pokrovsky Monastery in Suzdal Kremlin, Assumption, Demetrius and St. Volodymyr's Cathedral, Architectural Ensemble of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra - they are all in the World Heritage List of UNESCO, and you can visit during the tour of the Golden Ring all of them.

Trips to the Golden Ring will introduce you to arts and crafts. You can enjoy during your trip Carved bone and wood, products of skilled jewelers and lace, painting on enamel and lacquer miniature.

Interest in tours of the Golden Ring is growing every year. You can see the shopping area, paved, images white stone chambers, churches built without a single nail.

In addition, Golden Ring of Russia is a unique opportunity to taste traditional Russian cuisine, enjoy true mead and remember the sweetest taste of childhood of soviet people as to taste a sugar cockerel on a stick from a local grandmother.

8 cities of the Golden ring is composed to be the major cities - Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl, Rostov, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir. But we can append additional cities such as Alexandrov, Bogolyubovo, Gorokhovets, Gus Crystal, Kalyazin, Kideksha, Paleh, Rybinsk, Tutayev, Uglich, Yuriev-Polsky and others. You may visit any of these cities; it all depends on your needs.

To feel full Russian Federation, visit the cities on the tourist route "Golden Ring", where tourists are given the opportunity to experience the true Russian. Explore the Golden Ring of Russia with us!

Main cities of visit, if You do not have enough time.

  map golden ring


The history of the city began in 1337 with Russia's largest monastery, founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh. The city's Trinity-Sergius Lavra is a UNESCO world heritage site. Gradually, peasants began to settle near the monastery, which is how the following villages and settlements began to emerge: Ikonnaya, Povarskaya, Telezhnaya and Konyushennaya, which glorified the city as a center of crafts. The local craft to gain the most popularity was wooden toys, and the town became known as the "capital of fun." Buying a toy at the monastery walls is a pious act. After all, St. Sergius of Radonezh himself cut toys from wood to amuse children. Ivan the Terrible was baptised at the monastery, and during his reign the monastery was turned into one of the most powerful fortresses on the outskirts of Moscow. It remained a royal fortress under Peter I: During the Strelets rebellion in Moscow in 1689, Tsar Peter the Great took refuge within its walls. Sergiyev Posad is called the pearl of the Golden Ring, since it has so many historical monuments and treasures. The most ancient churches in Sergiev Posad are the Church of the Presentation of the Virgin Mary and the Church of the martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, located on the southeast side of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra.

MAIN SIGHTS:  Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Artistic and Pedagogical Museum of Toys, Konny Dvor.

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Prince Vladimir Monomakh built a strong fortress on the steep banks of the River Klyazma in 1108 and named it after himself. His successor Yury Dolgoruky ordered a new princely court to be erected, with a church in the name of its patron saint Georgy (1157). Vladimir's churches are just as beautiful and significant as Moscow's, if not more so. Many monuments are UNESCO world heritage sites. It is interesting to walk around Cathedral Square with its Dmitriyevsky and Assumption Cathedrals, see the Golden Gates, the Nativity Monastery and neighborhoods with wooden houses. Vladimir is also widely known for its souvenirs made from bark, and jewelry made from stones, enamel and crystal.

MAIN SIGHTS:  Assumption Cathedral, Golden Gates, St. Demetrius Cathedral, Vladimir Regional History Museum, Museum of "Old Vladimir".



According to one theory held by scholars, the name Suzhdal — apparently pronounced with the “zh” rather than “z” in ancient times — comes from the Old Slavic verb “zizhdu,” meaning “I build.” The relatively small area of two kilometers by four kilometers contains more than 300 monuments of architecture and history, not only of Russian but of global significance. The history of Suzdal started with the first fortifications and city council on the spot where the Suzdal Kremlin now stands. Suzdal was first mentioned in chronicles in 1024. In the 11th century it was a large city in the northeast of the powerful Kievan Rus, which soon became the capital of the Rostov-Suzdal principality, a major trade and craft center. The monuments that exist today and attract multitudes of tourists all appeared in the 16th to 17th centuries. Suzdal’s most beautiful and ancient church is the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (1222-25), while its white-stone monuments are UNESCO world heritage sites. You can stay in a hotel in the grounds of Pokrovsky Convent in 18th century log huts. The city has an icon painting workshop, a shop of souvenirs made of birch bark, clay and ceramic ornaments, and a manufacturer of the ancient fermented drink medovukha.

MAIN SIGHTS:  Wooden Church of St. Nicholas, St. John the Baptist Church, The St. Alexander Convent, Convent of Intercession.



An ancient legend says that construction began on the city's fortress on the site where Yaroslav the Wise slew a bear. The fortress quickly became a vibrant city on the crossroads of trade routes, and later became the capital of the principality of Yaroslavl. Fate has ordained that we cannot judge its original beauty, since during the Mongol invasion Yaroslavl was burned to the ground. In the 15th century, the city recovered from the ruinous war and became part of the Moscow principality, rebuilt in stone. Of particular interest are the Church of the Epiphany, Church of St. Nicholas the Wet, five well-preserved monasteries and the oldest theater in Russia, built in 1750 and named after Fyodor Volkov. The historic center of Yaroslavl is a UNESCO world heritage site. Yaroslavl celebrated its 1,000-year anniversary in 2010.

MAIN SIGHTS:  Annunciation Cathedral, John the Baptist Church at Tolchkovo, Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, Music & Time museum.



Our company offers to our tourists an individual tours, it means that You inform us about the cities of interest, places of stay, meals, transfers and other tourist services in a way. We do not have defining clear programs on the Golden Ring, we offer only programs depending on customer’s orders and it makes all tours flexible and very interesting to our tourists.

You would like to make a cheap trip, no problem, we may offer a day tour to the nearest cities as Sergiev Posad, Suzdal, Vladimir; 2-day tours or more with accommodation in hostels, excursions only directly in the cities, where it is possible you may use train tickets and you representatives will wait You near rail way stations.

Standard tours includes driver with a car for group till 3pax more by bus, stay in hotels 2,3,4 or 5 stars, breakfast and lunch, tours excursions to main sights (but you may add any if You wish) with entrance tickets, some additional services upon your request.

Lux toursprivate driver with transport, a certificated guide all the way, all meals, some unusual excursions as hot air balloon flight, fishing, culture programs and others, our managers will inform you about it (it depends of cities and places where you want to stay), all excursions private with entrance tickets and many other things for demanding tourists.

In conclusion we would like to inform that we have a great experience in organizing such tours, we were ourselves many times in all these cities and we know what and how to offer You beset services!




Other cities of GOLDEN RING.


The name of the town may be translated as "crystal goose", for it is known as one of the oldest centers of glass industry in Russia and stands on the Gus River. 



Bogoljubovo is known to be a village with ancient historical roots deep in the past centuries.The flash reflections are on the walls of the sleeping houses and carried away into the heavenly blue, where to this day there are events and achievements of bygone days! 



 There are several objects of cultural heritage in Ivanovo. Among them are the buildings of the constructivism style, like the Ship-house (1930), architect D. F. Fridman; the Horseshoe-house (1934), architect A. I. Panov; the Regional Bank building (1927), architect V. A. Vesnin; the Palace of Arts (1939), architect A. V. Vlasov; the Collective-house (1931), architect I. A. Golosov; the Ivanovo railway station (1934); Oblsovnarhoz-houses (1935), N. I. Kadnikov; and others as notable sights include Schudrovskaya Palatka (17th century), the first brick civil building in Ivanovo, the Svyato-Vvedensky Monastery (architect P. Begen), the wooden Uspenskaya church, the mansion of A. Duringer (1910).





Palekh miniature is a Russian folk handicraft of miniature painting, which is done with tempera paints on varnished articles made of papier-mâché (small boxes, cigarette and powder cases etc.). Works by Palekh masters are kept in numerous museums of Russia and abroad. The State Palekh Art Museum in Palekh boasts the biggest miniature painting collection, comprising over two thousand works.



Ples is unusual wonderful town that retains its identity. People would like to come back again and admire its beauty. This is a resort town, where the authorities have done everything for tourism and rest. We will show the churches, museum of the famous Russian painter Levitan. Plyos was very popular among landscape painters of the 19th-20th centure.



Kostroma is a town of Russia and a major river port which is located on both banks of the Volga. The Kostroma State Drama Theatre is considered one of the oldest theaters in Russia named of A. Ostrovsky and it isa fine example of classical architecture. One of the symbols is the Fire Tower in Kostroma, it is an outstanding architectural monument of the Classical period. You may find such marvellous pcaces as Romanovsky Museum,  the Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery established in the end of the XIII century, Church of the Resurrection on the Debra of the XVII century, the Trinity Cathedral.




Rostov the Great is one of the oldest city of Kiev Rus, it is one of the eight cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, the cradle of traditional Russian architecture orthodox state capital and one of the largest pilgrimage and tourist center of the country. Rostov holds within its walls the history of a powerful state, the culture of a great nation. In the city is represented along with the original architecture the true beauty of Russian nature: full-flowing lakes and birch groves.



Uglich is a town in the Yaroslavl region. Uglich is located on the Volga River. There are many cultural monuments, here is in the air history of the Russian state. Main cultural attractions are the Uglich Kremlin, where Tsarevich Dmitry lived the Tsarevich Dmitry (he was the last of Ruric dinasty and killed in this city), Holy Resurrection Monastery, Monastery of the Epiphany, Alexius monastery with Assumption ("Wondrous") church, built in 1628.



Pereslavl is considered to be one of the oldest cities of Central Russia. It was founded in 1152 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. However, it is known not only by the historical and architectural monuments, but by completely innovative approach to the tourism industry also. You may find a great variety of an abundance of private museums which You will not see in other city of the Golden Ring such as museums of Yurii Dolgorukii, steam locomotives, kettle, iron and Russian flax!


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