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1. TELEX FOR INDIAN PEOPLE TOURIST (period of stay max 30 days / 1 day to make) - 2500 rubles


2. BUSSINES INVINTATION on a simplified agreement by (CCI of Russia):

a) 3 months (single / double entry) - 4000 rubles

b) 1 year - 6000 rubles (3-4 working days)


3. VISA for foreign citizens (Russian people is included) to India. CALL US, we will offer the best price in Moscow!



Fill our form and send it to us by e-mail, we will make an invoice with number  to You and after it You may pay it using your card!  


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Tourist visa

Russian tourist visa (also called Russian travel visa) is the cheapest and the easiest visa to get. Standart Russian tourist visa (Russian travel visa) is issued to tourists who have booked accommodation in Russia for non-business purposes. To obtain Russian tourist visa (Russian travel visa) it is required to confirm accommodation or to have transit information for every night of your stay in Russia.

This type of Russian visa is best when you know exactly where and how long you will be staying in Russia without changing your planned itinerary.

It is our main document for visa support letter, our REFERENCE MID of RF NUMBER is МВТ-013303 and МВТ-002130.

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To get Russian tourist visa you should have a letter of invitation, which consists of two parts: a tourist acceptance confirmation issued by a hosting Russian travel agency or Russian hotel registered at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a tourist voucher issued by the same travel agency or Russian hotel.

The Russian visa tourist voucher must contain an your name, passport number, dates and ports of arrival and departure in and from Russia, cities to be visited, Russian travel agency's reference or registration number provided by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PLEASE NOTE: a Russian hotel booking itself is not sufficient for Russian tourist visa (Russian travel visa) application.


"G&R International" can provide you with the necessary letter of invitation to support your Russian tourist visa application (Russian travel visa application) with written confirmation of your accommodation and itinerary (including Russian tourist voucher). This means that no hotel reservations or bookings is required from your side and you don not have to stay at the hotel shown in you Russian tourist visa invitation.

Russian tourist visa (Russian travel visa) is issued for a maximum of 30 days (check at the time of application with your local Russian Embassy or Russian Consulate).

How to obtain Russian Tourist visa (Russian travel visa) at the Russian Embasy or local Russian Consulate.


 In general, the following documents should be  submitted    to your local Russian Embassy or  Consulate to obtain your  Russian tourist visa (Russian  travel visa):

 * valid national passport with at least two clear leafs  of a  page. Passport must be valid for six  months  at  least after the date you would have  departed from  Russia (your passport needs to be  valid  for at least  six  months beyond your length of  stay),  and be in  good,  proper condition. Colored copy  of  your  passport is always  preferable, and for some  types of  Russian visa invitation a  colored copy is essential;

 *a Russian visa application form completed and signed;

 *3 recent passport photographs;

 *if travelling as part of a tour group or as a cruise passenger: a letter from your tour company or cruise line confirming your  intended itinerary and including written confirmation from an authorized Russian travel company, showing the reference  number and confirmation number for the visa;

*if travelling independently: a confirmation of your hotel arrangements from an authorized Russian tourist agency (Russian travel company) or directly from the Russian hotel, showing the reference number and confirmation number for the visa.

*prepaid consular fee.



non-hazardous migration country
Single entry 1 hour 500 max 14 days
Single entry Your presence 600 max 14 days
Single entry 1 hour 1000 max 30 days
Single entry Your presence 1100 max 30 days
Double entry 1 hour 1500 max 30 days
Double entry Your presence 1600 max 30 days


hazardous migration country
         Single entry      1 hour / your presence              1500    max 14 days
         Single entry      1 hour / your presence              2000    max 30 days
         Single entry*      1 hour / your presence              3000    max 30 days
         Double entry      1 hour / your presence              2500    max 30 days
         Double entry*      1 hour / your presence              3500    max 30 days

*Nigiria, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Iraq (we may ask additional documents for prepering visa support letter from these people. 


visa Russia

Please download our tourist form , fill it out and send us by email.

We need a copy of passport for migrations countries. Please send it by e-mail also.



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