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1. TELEX FOR INDIAN PEOPLE TOURIST (period of stay max 30 days / 1 day to make) - 2500 rubles


2. BUSSINES INVINTATION on a simplified agreement by (CCI of Russia):

a) 3 months (single / double entry) - 4000 rubles

b) 1 year - 6000 rubles (3-4 working days)


3. VISA for foreign citizens (Russian people is included) to India. CALL US, we will offer the best price in Moscow!



Fill our form and send it to us by e-mail, we will make an invoice with number  to You and after it You may pay it using your card!  


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Visa support documents

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visa_icon All foreigners must have visas to travel to the Russian Federation. Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate, proper authorization (invitation) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) or specially authorized travel agencies.

There are many different types of Russian visas and each has its own set of requirements. Visas are not issued at the border or customs or passport control. Your duty is to make ensure that the approved and valid visa prior to travel. Failure to follow proper procedures can be result in banned entry, fines or deportation.

This resource is to tell exactly what you need to know about applying for a Russian visa.

The Government of Russia uses a variety of travel visas. They basically allow the Russian government to track you during your stay, both for their safety and personal security. The type of visa you need depends on a number of reasons, the goal of your visit to the duration of your stay.

The main types of visas to Russian Federation:russian-homestay-visa

  • Tourist Russian Visa;
  • Business Russian Visa;
  • Work Russian Visa;
  • Russian Visa for Highly Qualified Specialist;
  • Private Russian Visa;
  • Transit Russian Visa;
  • There are other types of Russian visas for very specific cases. For example: visas for diplomats, sailors and students, for humanitarian and religious purposes, etc.


All the travelers staying in Russia for longer than seven days must register their visas with the Federal Migration Service. Most major hotels will do this automatically. Private visitors must register with local police on arrival. For business/professional stays, foreign nationals may register under the address of the Russian business and do not have to provide the address of the actual accommodation.


Russia opens first Visa Application Centre in India in New Delhi

Russia, in order to make visa application process faster and more efficient, has opened a Visa Application Centre in New Delhi. India is the first country in Asia to house a Russian Visa Application Centre.

Russia plans to waive visas fortourists arriving by train

Russia's reputation as a notoriously bureaucratic country has always been an impediment to its tourism industry. So in an effort to correct this problem, a new measure may soon be introduced that will allow foreign visitors to visit the country visa free for three days, provided they arrive by train.

Russia and North Korea Discuss Visa-Free Regime

Russia and North Korea have discussed establishing a bilateral visa-free regime, Far East Development Minister Alexander Galushka said...